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General Discussion / [D2] Unified Ladder Guide
« on: October 21, 2013, 03:36:57 PM »
Hello, Im currently working on a compilation of ladder information, guides & content- to be listed here on PK (no hosting :(), hopefully before the next reset.

*Update: Ladder Reset announced at 11/16/'13 - Due on 11/26/'13; Plz post suggestions concerning hack contents & strategies before reset. Ty.[b/]

If anybody has any information or ideas about the ladder reset, or even experience(s)- you are free to post here..
// Threads \\
=*Might need reformatting=

RedVex FollowBot thread: http://purekaoz.com/index.php/topic,2699.0.html

Reset Leveling Strat.: http://purekaoz.com/index.php/topic,2575.0.html

Reset Char. Builds: http://purekaoz.com/index.php/topic,2576.0.html

Reset H4x: http://purekaoz.com/index.php/topic,2581.0.html

// Resources \\
=*Outside posts=

[colour=blue]Reset Footage [Legit HardCore -- Not Meh!!][/colour]: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i4tuZTSMRzc

Multi. parties: http://diablo2.diablowiki.net/Guide:Multiplayer_Parties_v1.10,_by_Ed_from_Russia

RedVex install. Video Guide: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RqjAoOs0ox4

### #END# ###

Post Date: 10/21/'13
Revised: 10/21/'13

Diablo 2 Programs/Bots / [Release] RedVex FollowBot 4 Ladder Walkthru
« on: July 17, 2013, 02:13:33 AM »
Well since I have no clue how to manage the downloads on here anymore, I decided to compile some old scripts and put em up on a fast file hoster, so there it is folks - fast download, no ads or registration BS ...


Note : Last ladder I promised I would publish my "hacktools" to help you people rush through the game - but I came short of time and another reset happened. I apologize to PK and friends, hopefully some of you still play Diablo 2 and like me, would like to fastrun the game with naked characters on the resets.

This is a mix of scripts jumbled together, found by surfing RedVex plugin hosters and random modding site tools.

This release integrates :

RedVex plugins - Automaton (followbot), Magnet + pickit config (Fast delay item picker w/ configured itemlist), FastMod (BreakPoint booster w/ preset values), Condom (Auto potion drinker w/ text parsing tools) and ConnectionProtection (removes B.Net cachefiles, may help with realmdowns').

The RedVex core is version 3.2, the latest (and last) public release.

Extra tools packaged :

D2Tray (Diablo's Window organizer w/ task killer), RedVex realmlocker (Registry utility to lock modified Realms) and a D2NT Loader (Simple D2NT core with optimized leechscript for followbot).

I will provide a picture montage of this package in time, meanwhile you can refer to my reset guides posted earlier on to figure out how to run this thing - or ask for assistance in our bot support forums.

/e: Report any errors you may encounter using the RedVex plugins. Goodluck testing !

General Discussion / [Tech] Windows 8...
« on: November 09, 2012, 10:47:51 PM »
Dont buy that piece of fuck, stay away from this horrid mess guys ..

I ran it for Ladder Reset, and my D2NT loaders/D2 windows would not stop flickering, I had to switch over Windows XP in VirtualBox .. Windows XP compatibility/updates/drivers didnt do jackshit.

And can you believe this : I downloaded a windows Vista SP2 (x64) DVD copy, installed it (for the lulz) on my PC as my main OS- and it actually runs FASTER than Windows 8 ! I think Ill keep it, I mean, for my specs it runs on par, or even faster than Windows 7 x64- with almost the same software.

And besides, I couldnt even activate that piece of junk. I tried serials, activators, KMS servers, timebombs, etc. etc.-- Stick with Windows 7/XP guys, at best - windows Vista is better than that trainwreck - as Gabe Newell (CEO of Valve) said: "Windows 8 Is Kind of a Catastrophe" - back in July.

^When Vista > 8, you gotta FAIL. Im not joking you guys, Windows NT/2000 would run better with tweaked drivers than retail Windows 8. Just a warning NOT to touch nor look at the cover of this catastrophe of A$$. Goodluck - Hope every1 had a Good Diablo II reset btw. - I totally choked this one thanks to MicroSUX Windows EGGS.

General Discussion / [Diablo II] Ladder reset HACKS & GUIDES
« on: November 06, 2012, 02:43:40 PM »
Hello, I came late for this one .. but I hope youll like it

##[D2NT] maphack setup##

You need a D2NT bot for this, I used this one : http://workspace.projectetal.com/User%20Space/fatboi615/D2MB-update%204-10-12.rar -- the password is BOTTRONICS.INC

1. In your D2NT manager, make a new profile, set its entry point to NTMap.ntj. Set the profile like a normal bot.

2. Go to your bot's folder, open the folders /scripts/NTMap/char_configs

3. Open the character class file (in the char_configs folder, of NTMap) that you will be using as your player (for Maphack)

4. Set the options as you want. *I recommend disabling chicken, most likely you want to use RedVex for it

** DO NOT USE ETAL WITH THIS, PICK UP A REGULAR D2NT- otherwise youll have to configure your characters for play in /scripts/ntbot/char_configs .. if u know what youre doing it works fine

##[RedVex] plugins##

-First off, you need RedVex for this. There are many plugins you can use for ladder reset.

Download RedVex : http://rapidshare.com/files/202068496/Redvex_3.0.1_11-28-07.zip
^RedVex setup guide : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RqjAoOs0ox4
^RedVex realm locker : http://workspace.projectetal.com/User%20Space/fatboi615/RealmLock.zip
^RedVex documentation -- in german, use google translate : http://www.elitepvpers.com/forum/blogs/394966-lanara/6230-diablo-2-redvex.html

And now, for the cake- there is Automaton, a followbot for RedVex.

Download Automaton plugin : http://multanis.cwsurf.de/Automaton.zip
^Here is a decent guide : in German tho, use google translate http://www.elitepvpers.com/forum/blogs/394966-lanara/6449-diablo-2-followbot.html

For automaton, I suggest you make folders for level1, 6, 12, 18, 24 and 30 characters as you must change your followbots' config everytime you want to change skills/attack sequence.

--Automaton tips -- 

To reload config, order "chill" then order "follow" - tis way no need to quit & rejoin.

To make them enter TP while leader in town, order "guard" and order "1" - tis way they go in TP first, and u then close the TP

Its good to shop and reload cfg after every act (middle of act2, for drognan), to be sure they dont get stuck.

general : When killing boss, make SURE to be filled of potions, TPs, build skills and resurrect mercs. Use ".shop" for this.

##Now here is a list of good plugins to use for ladder reset, but I didnt publish them since im late. Visit the german documentation page to use these plugins

**heres a download mirror for these RedVex plugins - http://bhfiles.com/files/Diablo%20II/1.12a/RedVex/Plugins/**

-FastMod 2.1- speedhack, open fastmod.ini (in your RV folder) and set everything EXCEPT walk speed to 200

-Condom- Chicken, autoaim, antispam, antiflash plugin - make sure to use antiflash with your automatons!!

-Magnet- Optional, but very useful pickit, if youre using sorceresses with Tele. Otherwise turn pick off, and it will display dropped items (manual pickup, still useful if u miss items as you walk)

-GameName- Shows your last joined game, and estimated next game (CnB, etc. Everything with numbers)

-Automaton- For obvious reasons, lol.


-Alternative leveling guide (for public games, 8players) - do this, if you failed like me or hacks dont work.-

1-15 trist
15-20 tombs
20-25 travincal
25-30ish bloody foothills
30-45 normal baal
45-50 nightmare trist
50-60 nightmare tombs/trav
50-65ish nightmare bloody foothills
55-70ish nightmare baal
70-80 rush through hell act1-5

around 80 we can take several days off to mf gear

80-90 hell baals
90+ you are on your own, the team is officially dissolved once people are 85+

--D2jsp trade guide--


D2jsp.org is a trade site, this is a useful guide to start trading out/boost productivity on that site.

D2jsp is good to find Chaos/Baal/rushes for early ladders, but I suggest not to buy anything until you have a good stack of FG (especially at reset, when prices are at least 50 times higher for the first week)- use this to post your rush/chaoses/baal runs at ladder reset

-Diablo II ladder reset $$ guide-


^ this is Pre-JSP trading, useful until prices are lowered (like a month after reset)


**elitepvpers.com/forum/diablo-2 - use translator for this one

^really good.. great sites, you will find many updates/guides for all of this stuff. Goodluck.

General Discussion / [Diablo II] Char builds for reset + tips!
« on: October 28, 2012, 05:04:42 PM »
now is time to configure our chars for reset !!

##hope u know how to play diablo 2 in single player .. it saves the pain in the ass, but if u dont, i pray u will play the game with friends or urself beforehand ... do not be ashamed, i am rusty as hell using bots all the time xD##

this should be the core of a good group, no matter what u will be playing (really good for hardcore)

U will want a group that synergies together, with stuff that boosts the damage/life/skills/gameplay of eachother.

for this strategy, i will use the builds people are more common with, are cheap and extremely effective in hellmode -
it is up to you to change them or make a totally different setup but this is for beginners (like me)

**i will post guides at end of topic**

Number1: HAMMERDin ^_^ This nigga can tank, heal in a heartbeat, charge and fuck everything up. Clearly the favorite as the party leader - using maxblock and salvation for souls (but 50% block is decent enough to be worth it.)


Combat Skills

    Smite - 1
    Holy Bolt - 1
    Charge - 1
    Blessed Hammer - 20 (primary attack skill)
        try to max this out first
    Holy Shield - 20
        should be maxxed out last

Offensive Auras

    Might - 1
    Blessed Aim - 20
        max after Vigor
    Concentration - 20 (primary aura)
        max after Blessed Hammer

Defensive Auras

    Prayer - 1
    Cleansing - 1
    Defiance - 1
    Vigor - 20
        max after Concentration
    Redemption - 1
        use to regenerate life/mana until Holy Shield is maxxed out
    Salvation - 1
        useful for parties. Put a point after maxxing out Holy Shield and putting a point in Redemption.


    Strength - Just enough to wear all the equipment (i use +110)
    Dexterity - Just enough for max block w/ your shield (pump this after Holy Shield is cast!!!)
    Vitality - Any and all the points you can spare
    Energy - Base or 50 pts.

With this build u will use hammer/conc aura as ur main attack,  use charge/redemption on ur wep. switch to heal over corpses. Use meditation aura till u get an insight - u can use cleansing in hell. Use vigor when youre out running.

Number 2: Summon mancer: This is the ultimate tanker (not him, his skellies lol). Can walk hell naked - No need for block or gear at ALL! Rips through mobs like butter with a well summoned army. Best used for MF gear.


Summoning Skills

    Raise Skeleton- 20 (primary summon skill)
        max this first
    Skeleton Mastery - 20 (booster to skeletons)
        second to max
    Clay Golem- 1
    Skeleton Magi - 20 (secondary summon skill)
       third to max
    Golem Mastery - 1-x (booster to golem)
        1pt or remaining skill pts. or CE
    Summon resist - 1
        Needs this for DiabloQ
    Fire golem (tank for mobs)
        Max this last

PnB Skills

    Teeth - 1
    Corpse Explosion - 1-x (primary attack skill)
        1pt or remaining skill pts. or GM 

Curses Skills

    Amplify Damage - 1 (primary aura)
        Used for skellies/party dmg.
    Dim Vision - 1
        Used against souls/dangerous mobs
    Confuse - 1
    Attract - 1
        Use this to build army/decoy
    Weaken - 1
    Terror - 1
    Decrepify - 1 (secondary aura)
       Used against bosses/tough packs

    Strength - Just enough to wear all the equipment (i use +70)
    Dexterity - None or 35
    Vitality - Any and all the points you can spare
    Energy - Base or 50 pts.

This is the best solo character ever. Sorcs/weak characters absolutely like him. Summon ur pack of skellies at cold plains. Use attract curse to start a battle. Use amp damage and corpse explosion as ur main attack.

Number three: Orballer sorceress - this is the smexy babe. Put an insight on her merc as soon as u get one. She will TP 10x faster. Use prayer (norm. combat) merc to double heal.


Cold Skills

    Ice Bolt - 15 (synergy to orb)
        good to stack early on
    Frozen Armor - 1
    Shiver Armor - 1
        ur main precast
    Ice Blast - 1
    Frost Nova - 1
    Glacial Spike - 1
    Blizzard - 1
        can be used till orb
    Frozen Orb - 20 (primary spell)
        main damage boosted w/ IB.
    Cold Mastery - x-12 (main booster)
         put any amount to reach -100% w/ gear

Light Skills

    Static Field - 1
        use for bosses
    Telekinesis - 1
    Teleport - 5 (main utility)
          reduced mana cost w/ couple +skills

Fire Skills

    Warmth - 1
    Fire Bolt - 20
        Pump this alongside Ice bolt/Fireball
    Fire Ball - 20
        Untimed attack skill
    Fire Mastery - 1-x (booster to fire dmg.)
        1pt or all remaining pts.

    Strength - Just enough to wear all the equipment (i use +70)
    Dexterity - None
    Vitality - Any and all the points you can spare
    Energy - Base or 50 pts.

This build is the greatest magic find bot build you can do at reset. In anycase, you need a sorc to TP for you across the game.

:^That is the core of a team that synergies pretty well: you have massive magical/elemental/physical damage, using skeletons for meatshield/maxblock tanking, great auras/healing/resists - u will run over everything like a greyhound bus!

These are the top builds to solo the game, they are just extra useful for botting/party play. If u have suggestions post them here. Otherwise you can use any of these builds to play solo/join parties and ur help will be appreciated.


After you are done rushing, here is a couple of things u can do to amass wealth/FG$$ - preferably lvl85..

Do private chaos runs with your pala hammer, use your necro/ask friend to leech them (helper) and sell spots on D2JSP (works best in 1st week) - you can run them manually and -if you have a helper- u need next to no gear to run them. $PROFIT$: if you have decent gear : also do travincal runs if possible, HR's can drop quite often (20-50 games)

Do pits/pindle/shenk+eldritch/baal runs with your necromancer - do this in 1player games and baalrunning is fairly easy - start from WSK lvl2 and clear the whole thing down from there. Baalwaves get owned with CE. Rince & repeat.

Do rushes/MF runs with your sorceress, a rush usually is 100fg per person in the 1st 2weeks on D2JSP, running andy/meph/Pindle/Shenk+eldritch/Tresh/LowerKurast(chests) is a very good set of MF runs.

Being naked, you will have to carefully adjust your stats/skills.

A good stat layout for most classes is this :

Strenght - 70 (total pts)
Dex - base or nuff for maxblock
Vita - All rest
Energy - base or 50 pts. <- work on this early for ur spells!

I suggest you read some good guides/do research/play around ur builds. - Just ignore the parts about gear, and use what you find, really. What matters-if u are a caster, is ur skills/mana. If u are melee- dex/damage is ur priority.

Here are the guides I have used :

pala hammer - http://www.diablowiki.com/Hammerdin_by_Hnk

summon necro - http://www.diablowiki.com/Summoner/Magic_Find_Necromancer_by_lMarcusl

orb-aller sorc - http://www.theamazonbasin.com/d2/forums/index.php?showtopic=80618&st=0

General Discussion / [Diablo II] Ladder reset strategies
« on: October 28, 2012, 11:19:37 AM »
Just going for it is not the appropriate thing! preparation is half the work of this. I am assuming here that everyone has RedVex and D2NTmaphack to pick up the pace.

you can download them here .. i will post a topic just for the sake of hacks . but for now, lets do the strategy/guides as it is vital for our reset, whether u play legit or not (hacks are for the sake of time/easyness.)

Leveling strategy: It has been shown over the years shown that this tactic has proven successful.

1-3 Blood Moor to Cold plains (DenQ)

4-6 Stony field to Black Marsh (skp countess if u wish)

7-10 Tamoe highlands to inner Monastery

11-14 barracks to Catacombs (andyQ)

15-18 sewers to Viper Temple (radaQ + staffQ)

19-20 Arcane Sanctuary to Tal Rasha's tomb (duriQ)

20-25 Travincal/Meph runs (rince and repeat)

25-30 Chaos & bloody runs (diablo-shenk areas)

30-40 Baal runs (baalQ at the end)

##if u missed exp at this stage, do tombruns (lvl15-20, lvl24 could work but travs' way faster)##


the big issue is u will need a Sorc Lvl 18 (teleport) to rush, as she is going to makes tp's to level in those places. I suggest autotele for this one (will post l8ter). normal is done by lvl40 for good NM rush. Takes about 2 and half hours.


Nightmare should go faster. We have then a Sorc that can equip us, rushing the whole thing with tele - make sure to get insight by act1 countessQ - u will turn crazy without it!!

Max time to spend is 2 hrs on NM. i.e. - to go under 30 mins for "act4 diablo" and "NMbaal quest" - thats if u play pubs.

for party play - NM is broke dow like this:


Nightmare - Act 1: 40

Nightmare - Act 2: 40

Nightmare - Act 3: 40

Nightmare - Act 4: 45-50

Nightmare - Act 5: 45 -> 65-70


I use this strat with a skellie nec. to block mobs and a pala with convict aura to bring our Sorcs to tear down everything without problems. skeletons are used for meatshield to protect our sorcs/tank bosses. maxblock pala can tank too. u will most likely need these chars to beat hell quickly. talk about tis later.


##It is highly recommended to enter hell difficulty by lvl70 to rush thru the whole thing, but if u are inbetween lvl 65-70, u can do pit runs/extra quests n ull do just fine. level 50 is way too low for this.##

In Hell is the crack point -Travincal!- once Travi's is killed there is NOTHING standing in the way (not even diablo!!).

We are going to make diabloQ at lvl ~ 70 and then we take off directly to baalruns by lvl ~ 80


we have all this rush done in about 5 hours, and thats it - youve beaten the game !!^_ ^

by then, everyone has a bot capable char! <- That should be our goal!

i highly suggest the use of D2jsp for this, to regroup friends/people and to make riches$$/ USEFUL for Chaos/Baal runs once ur done rushing cuz thers not many people running public games in first week !!!

this will work good only with a party of 6+ chars (EXP lvls and gear drops much btter..)

if u are a lonely person, try hooking up with JSP'ers/friends for a party, and make sure every1 knows how to play the game /or is using hacks and is available.

but i dont need this since i use automaton for redvex ( i will post it later)
i will post strats for my characters, and i will list/post the hacks i have used for this.

if you play solo or u got a better approach/suggestions, post them down here.. im all ears !


General Discussion / Email viruses..
« on: April 30, 2012, 09:16:43 AM »
What is this bullfucking hell going on in my mail ? Thank god my AV blocked it

Diablo 2 Bot Support / Coop's v102 BETA error reports
« on: November 10, 2011, 03:28:16 PM »
So, since it's in beta stage, Coop asked to make a thread for it, so there it is.

Things you should always have in hands when reporting :

1. Character file (the one you used to bot)

2. Screenshot of the error/problem

3. Patience (yeh, right!)

General Discussion / Reset guides
« on: October 24, 2011, 08:34:49 PM »
Update : 1/31/'12

Now merging pertinent files/guides into the download sector. Thanks for looking !

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